Top 10 Men And Women Celebs Who Could Be Twins

Top 10 Men And Women Celebs Who Could Be Twins

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Well this is something that some people might find offending but trust us, this is true. Hold your breath, here comes the First one.

1. Justin Bieber And Miley Cyrus

2. Sarah Jessica Parker And Roger Daltrey

3. Julia Roberts And Steven Tyler

5. Jared Leto And Courteney Cox

5. Ozzy Osbourne And Penny Marshall

6. Lily Tomlin And John Travolta

7. Julia Stiles And Ansel Elgort

8. Alanis Morissette And Anthony Kledis

9. Tilda Swinton And Conan OBrien

10. Clea DuVall And Josh Hartnett

10 Funny Selfies That Went Terribly Wrong

10 Funny Selfies That Went Terribly Wrong

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Who doesn't loves taking selfies? At least when you have an iPhone that you can show off to the internet while taking a pic with it in a mirror. Here are Top 10 Funny Selfies That Went Terribly Wrong.

10. The dude is breaking into someone's house just for a goddamn selfie?

9. We need not to tell what'd happen if he falls from the stool.

8. Bet that the guy had a shot at MTN Dew, taking a selfie when ya parked your car in the middle of the track with a train coming towards you! Crazy!!!

7. Thank God the squirel didn't know that the guy had a couple of nuts too.

6. They gotta make a law "No Selfie while working" specially when ya a fireman.

5. Call at 113-326-9876 if you ever see this man, his family haven't seen him since that day

4. Enjoy as much as you want, the cop doesn't looks happy.

3. Is he trynna act like Boogeyman with that Barbie clock? Will someone please explain this selfie to me?

2. A moment of peace, that's what we all want while pooping but this one ruined it

1. There it is, the #1 Funny Selfie which went terribly wrong... Ultimately the Monkey got his desire fullfilled when he took a selfie and guess what THIS SELFIE IS WAY BETTER THAN ANY HUMAN TAKES!

The images are taken from the internet and chosen in a sequence, Source.
Top 10 Mistakes That You Shall Not Make In Your 20s

Top 10 Mistakes That You Shall Not Make In Your 20s

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The age of 20s is the time when the pressure begins, you have no idea what you are doing but you just commit it, the following are the Top 10 mistakes that one shall not commit in his/her 20s.
10. Family comes first.... Ah! Nevermind 'em....
One of the most common mistake that one does in their days is, not giving proper priority to their family and try to escape from the scene.

10 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your 20s
9. Trynna Act Like a Man Instead of Learning How To Being One
So you think that going to a bar, drinking alcohol and watching pole dance makes you a man? It may make you resemble as an Adult but that's not what you think a man is, instead of banging your butt on a bar chair, try to bang it to some kinda office and get a job for yourself that is worth your time... At least that'll help ya learn how to be a man and will certainly make you a real man someday... soon.
8. Workin' for Money, Not for your Dreams
Never do something that pays ya but doesn't satisfies you, Dreams are more valuable than those Money. Live for your dream cuz by the end of the day even if you fail, you're not gonna blame someone else but yourself cuz it is what you always wanted.

10 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your 20s
7. It's time for Love 
Love? Calm down dude, it is a TRAP! Yeah, of course your friends are trapped in it but don't let it happen to you (ik that you've heard it a thousand time as this is what our parents and teachers tell use everyday lol) but the age of 20s is the most curcial time of your youth, you can't let it end up  in vain by falling in love wid some kinda chick whom you find attractive. So JUST DON'T DO IT.
6. What you want is what you NEED 
So if ya think that you need a brand new Nike Sneakers worth big money cuz it's kinda cool and everyone got it except you then i'll say HOLD ON! this isn't what ya need, it is what ya want. Don't spend your goddamn money on somethin' that's totally useless, not just sneakers.... We waste tons of our money on stupid trends and that's a big hell of BULLSHIT, so all ya gotta do is calm yourself down and distinguish between your needs and desires and if ya focus on your needs then i bet that by the end of the month or week, ya gonna hold hell lot of money in your hands.
5. Stickin' with jobs that doesn't teach you anythin' 
Ya taking hell lot of tension, bust your a** off for some kinda stupid job but whatcha get by the end of the day is a handful of money and no satifaction, no knowledge, no enjoyment. Here's what ya need to do, go to your Boss' office and smack your tie off his face and say I QUIT
4.Think ya need to stop learnin and growin
Stop learning? You know all? Rubbish dude.... Don't let yourself get into that hell of shit, cuz once you in there, ya not gonna get outta there so all ya need to do is focus on your goal and learn everythin' that ya get to know cuz ya never know what ya need at what point of time.
3. Fall for any unstable beautiful chick
We're totally uncontrollable and irrestible when it comes to women, but all ya need is a control over your head and calm down buddy, don't ya ever.... eveer.... eeeverrrr try to get into their trap.
2. Followin' the crowd is cool 
No! It's not cool! You saw a gang doin' something that ya find cool, you join em n do the same, then more ppl join ya guys and ya guys become a crowd and you are no one but just a minor follower, instead of following something why not make others follow? C'mon buddy, you in your 20s and all ya need to do is just begin something and BANG! You got a huge goddamn crowd behind you.
1. Stickin' up with buddies who waste your time and add no value to your life
So ya got a gang where you guys chill, have beers, ciggrate and other shits but that's a hell of waste of time for ya but if those friends are totally useless, just relyin on your money and not teachin you something or add any value to your life then smack them down with a SCSA Stunner and say

This Bollywood Legend Has Looked 60 Since He Was 29

This Bollywood Legend Has Looked 60 Since He Was 29

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Makeup is a thing that can turn even the ugliest person to the most charming and beautiful individual. You can turn out to be looking as old as a priest or you can get yourself a look of a young boy.

When it comes to Bollywood, the makeup team is good at what they do. But this particular LEGEND of Bollywood does not demands any makeup even though he's been looking 60 since he was just 29.

Enough of the suspense, right? Let me introduce to you the one and only.... The remarkable, the most respected.... The great.... The honour of Bollywood.....

 Oh hey.. no, it is not The Invisible Man, just not to spoil any fun the image is used.... so here you go.

Yup. That's Anupam Kher when he was 29 years old.

Saaransh, 1984

 Yep, the bald but attractive Anupam Uncle..the above image is from his one of the earliest movies.... His age was 29 when the movie was released, feeling old yet uncle?

No need to be worried, of course the look was given to him by Makeup but the work is so Original that you cannot differ him from back in 1984 to his present persona.

Aaaaand this is him in 2015.
Anupam Kher in 2015

 Been 30+ years but this dude has not changed a bit. Here's a collage of his looks from over the years.

Here's a glance at the looks he's donned in some of his most famous roles over the years.

Maggi ban lifted in few states of India, Check out if it's yours!

Maggi ban lifted in few states of India, Check out if it's yours!

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Maggi Noodles Will be Back Soon, Says Nestle: Twitter Celebrates

Two minutes noodles, who doesn't loves Maggi? "Home Alone? Single? Away from Home and Family? Stressed?" All of these problems have just one simple two minute wait time solution... Maggi, cook a Maggi to get rid of all these problems.

Earlier the year, the happiness was taken away when the Government of India and the FCI put a ban over Maggi but the good news that we all had been waiting for is finally here!!!

"Two days after Maggi samples passed all the tests in three laboratories designated by Bombay high court, Karnataka and Gujarat governments said they would lift the ban on the Nestle product

Gujarat's Food and Drugs Control Administration (FDCA) commisisoner HG Koshia said, FDCA had lifted the ban on Maggi in Gujarat during August after the Bombay High Court passed an order to lift the ban across India. We took the decision based on the court order.
However, the Maharashtra government has decided to drag Nestle India to Supreme Court despite lifting of the ban by Bombay HC."