10 Funny Selfies That Went Terribly Wrong

Who doesn't loves taking selfies? At least when you have an iPhone that you can show off to the internet while taking a pic with it in a mirror. Here are Top 10 Funny Selfies That Went Terribly Wrong.

10. The dude is breaking into someone's house just for a goddamn selfie?

9. We need not to tell what'd happen if he falls from the stool.

8. Bet that the guy had a shot at MTN Dew, taking a selfie when ya parked your car in the middle of the track with a train coming towards you! Crazy!!!

7. Thank God the squirel didn't know that the guy had a couple of nuts too.

6. They gotta make a law "No Selfie while working" specially when ya a fireman.

5. Call at 113-326-9876 if you ever see this man, his family haven't seen him since that day

4. Enjoy as much as you want, the cop doesn't looks happy.

3. Is he trynna act like Boogeyman with that Barbie clock? Will someone please explain this selfie to me?

2. A moment of peace, that's what we all want while pooping but this one ruined it

1. There it is, the #1 Funny Selfie which went terribly wrong... Ultimately the Monkey got his desire fullfilled when he took a selfie and guess what THIS SELFIE IS WAY BETTER THAN ANY HUMAN TAKES!

The images are taken from the internet and chosen in a sequence, Source.

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