This Bollywood Legend Has Looked 60 Since He Was 29

Makeup is a thing that can turn even the ugliest person to the most charming and beautiful individual. You can turn out to be looking as old as a priest or you can get yourself a look of a young boy.

When it comes to Bollywood, the makeup team is good at what they do. But this particular LEGEND of Bollywood does not demands any makeup even though he's been looking 60 since he was just 29.

Enough of the suspense, right? Let me introduce to you the one and only.... The remarkable, the most respected.... The great.... The honour of Bollywood.....

 Oh hey.. no, it is not The Invisible Man, just not to spoil any fun the image is used.... so here you go.

Yup. That's Anupam Kher when he was 29 years old.

Saaransh, 1984

 Yep, the bald but attractive Anupam Uncle..the above image is from his one of the earliest movies.... His age was 29 when the movie was released, feeling old yet uncle?

No need to be worried, of course the look was given to him by Makeup but the work is so Original that you cannot differ him from back in 1984 to his present persona.

Aaaaand this is him in 2015.
Anupam Kher in 2015

 Been 30+ years but this dude has not changed a bit. Here's a collage of his looks from over the years.

Here's a glance at the looks he's donned in some of his most famous roles over the years.

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